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Security System

E-Commerce security system

eCommerce security is the guidelines that ensure safe transaction through the internet. It consists of protocols that safeguard people who engage in online selling and buying of goods and services. 


E-Commerce security model

Encryption − It is a very effective and practical way to safeguard the data being transmitted over the network. Sender of the information encrypts the data using a secret code and only the specified receiver can decrypt the data using the same or a different secret code.


Implemented Security in E-Commerce

Five steps of our secure e-commerce website.

Step 1: Good Password Hygiene.

Step 2: Using HTTPS. 

Step 3: A Secure E-Commerce Platform.

Step 4: Secure Sensitive User Data. 

Step 5: Employ the Own Website Monitor. 

Step 6: Maintain a Security-Focused Mindset.





Available E business security solutions


It is a type of network security software that functions according to security measures put forward by the users. This includes protection from most of the cyber threats like XSS, SQL injection, trojan, etc.


Security Importance in e-commerce

  1. Cyber security is essential for e-commerce because cyber attacks can result in loss of revenue, of data and of overall viability for businesses. 
  2. Cyber criminals use advanced tactics to steal information from businesses.


Security concerns:

Hacking, exploitation of personal data, monetary theft, phishing assaults, unsecured supply of services, and credit card fraud are all instances of security concerns.